Housing Services Board

Successor Commission to the Public Housing Board. All appointments shall be providers of low-income services concerned with one of the following: financial support, homeownership counseling, provision of rental units to low-income residents, tenant advocacy, and supportive or educational services.

General Requirements

GENDER BALANCE REQUIRED - 12 members Mayor/Council each appoint 1. Mayor appoints one additional member from the NRB and one additional member from the Polk County Housing Continuum. Seats 10,11,12 are appointed by the Housing Services Director.

Professional Requirements

When possible, board members should have knowledge and experience in the following areas: landlord/tenant issues, affordable housing needs of the City; lending and finance; neighborhood revitalization and education and agency service user issues.

Membership Term Information

3 years

Term Limits

Term limits apply

Term Expiration

June 30

Meeting Information


Meeting Frequency

3rd Wednesday of each month

Meeting Time

5:30 PM

Meeting Location

Polk County River Place
Des Moines Housing Services
Administrative Offices
2309 Euclid
Des Moines, Iowa 50310

City Staff

Chris Johansen, 515-323-8976