Neighborhood Revitalization Board

The purpose of the Neighborhood Revitalization Board (NRB) is to advise City Council and Board of Supervisors on housing improvement and neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Mission amended via ordinance August 29, 2011

General Requirements

Sixteen members: five members to represent program eligible residents;(someone who meets the income requirements, or resides within a HUD eligible area); five members shall be residents of recognized neighborhood organizations; and three members shall be owners or officers of the business community, nonprofits or education representatives; one representative (serving a 1 year term) shall be appointed from Neighborhood Finance Corporation Board; one member nominated from the Greater Des Moines Partnership Board; and one member nominated from the Neighborhood Development Corporation Board.

Professional Requirements


Membership Term Information

Three years

Term Limits

Term limits apply

Term Expiration

June 30

Meeting Information


Meeting Frequency

First Wednesday of each month

Meeting Time

5:00 PM

Meeting Location

Municipal Services Center - Second Floor, Board Room
1551 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

City Staff

Chris Johansen - 515-323-8976