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Community Policing and Code Enforcement Policy and Practice Review Committee (PPRC)

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General Requirements

The PPRC should include:

          At least 2 members of the Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission

          1 member from the Housing Appeals Board

          1 staff member from the Community Development/Neighborhood Services Department

          1 sworn officer from the Police Department

          3 members from the Des Moines community appointed by the Mayor and At-Large Council Members

          1 youth member recommended to the City Manager by the Des Moines Civil and Human Rights Commission


Professional Requirements


Membership Term Information


Term Limits


Term Expiration


Meeting Information

New Committee - additional information will be added as available

Meeting Frequency

PPRC should meet at least quarterly, or more frequently as PPRC determines, to review existing and planned policies and practices, and make recommendations to ensure elimination of existing or potential disparities in the enforcement of the law.

Meeting Time

5:00 PM

Meeting Location


City Staff

Malcolm Hankins