Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals Member Information

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Seat # Name Role
1 Melvin D. Shivvers Architect
2 Randy J. Tinker Professional Engineer Structural or Construction
3 Chad Layland Professional Electrical Engineer
4 Blake O'Brien Professional Engineer Mechanical
5 Matthew Keller General Contractor Commercial
6 Martie D. Mendenhall General Contractor Residential
7 Dave D. Dykstra Master Electrician
8 Vacant Master Electrician
9 Jon S. Thyberg Journeyman Plumber
10 Dave J. Kriens, Jr. Master Plumber
11 Steve Terry Mechanical Contractor
12 Andrew Wychoff Mechanical Contractor
13 Candy Morgan Attorney
14 Bart D. Caldwell Experience as fire protection engineer, fire science or fire technology
15 Cheryl Peterson Experience in Historic Preservation
16 Cody J. Christensen Ex-Officio Building Official
17 Jonathan K. Lund Fire Marshall