Evelyn K. Davis Park Basketball Court Renovation

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Due to the age of existing paving, surface cracking, and low spots within the courts, the planning division determined that both courts will need complete removal and renovation instead of a typical surface repair.  This information allowed the planning division the opportunity to analyze the space and courts holistically. As a result, the planning team developed a concept that improves the location of courts, improves accessibility to courts and the surrounding park amenities, increases the space between the courts, expands the area around courts for seating opportunities and proper circulation. The concept will relocate the existing court lighting and reuse the basketball hoop arms. In addition, to avoid hauling off existing material, the concept developed will create landforms with excavated material for additional seating.

The proposed concept will create a court system that will be a destination area for the King-Irving Neighborhood, park visitors, existing programming, day-to-day pickup games, and special events within Evelyn K. Davis Park. The proposed renovation is estimated to begin construction late fall of 2022.
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