City of Des Moines GIS Data

The City of Des Moines provides the following GIS data layers for download free of charge and with no warranty. Data are in Iowa State Plane South, NAD83.  All files are in a .Zip format and can be uncompressed using WinZip.

Download Public GIS Data

Census:  Census Block 2010, Census Block Group 2010, Census Tract 2010
Facilities:  education, emergency response, law enforcement, landmark, medical and care facilities
Hydrology:  lakes, ponds, major streams and minor streams
Jurisdictions: cities, counties, and wards 
Neighborhoods:  city neighborhoods
Parks and Trails:  parks and trails
Planimetrics:  building footprints, parking, and roadway pavement
PlanDSMLandUse:  PlanDSM Future Land Use, nodes, development control zone
Topographic and Surface: Bare-earth elevation (DEM), Surface Feature elevation (DSM) and Above ground height data (nDSM)
Transportation:  airports and street centerlines
USNG:  1000 meter and 100 meter United States National Grids
Zoning:  zoning, conditional zoning, and zoning overlay districts

Request Additional Data

Please contact us if you need additional data or are interested in accessing Des Moines' ArcGIS Server services with ArcGIS Online or for any other purpose.
Disclaimer: This information is not an official record, and cannot be used as such. The user should rely only upon official records available from the custodian of records in the appropriate City and/or County department. Some data provided here and used for the preparation of these maps has been obtained from public records not created or maintained by the City of Des Moines.