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When you type in your address you will find information like:  Garbage & Yard Waste Pick-up, Recycling Pick-up, Permitting Contacts, Snow Removal Info, and much more.  
ESRI Community Maps
Crime Mapping
Crime Mapping Map

Some Important Information about the Data
  • You can choose the following crime types: Burglary, Robbery, Assault, and Gun/Weapons Violations.
  • You can view one or all of the above crime types for a particular time period, up to 180 days. The map is updated daily.
  • You can search for crimes near an address like “25 E 1st St, Des Moines, IA” or near an intersection like “E 1st St and Court Ave, Des Moines, IA”.
  • The points on the map represent approximate locations and are not exact.
For Best Results
  • Select “Small Icons” in the icon view
  • View 30 days or less of crime history
  • Select a specific address or intersection with a 1 mile radius
Projects Map
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Des Moines Survey Benchmark
Des Moines Survey Benchmark

This map shows City of Des Moines benchmarks, control points and Sections and Quarter Sections of the Public Land Survey System (PLSS).

Park Downtown Des Moines
Polk County Auditor

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