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Animal and Pet FAQ

Why should I license my pet?

What is the license fee used for?

What if my pet has a license from another City?

What information do I need to obtain a pet license?

Where can I purchase a City of Des Moines pet license?

Are there any restrictions for a Pit Bull?

What happens if I don't license my pet?

What is the limit on the numbers of dogs/cats I may have living at my residence?

If I have four dogs, am I in violation of the ordinance?

What are the requirements for pet waste?

Does the City of Des Moines have a leash law?

Is there a noise ordinance regarding barking dogs?

Who do I contact if my pet is lost?

How do I report a barking dog? 

How do I report an animal bite?

How do I report a stray dog?

Where do I go to adopt a new pet?