Greater Des Moines Sister Cities Commission


The Sister Cities Commission helps start dialogues between people with similar interests and needs in the areas of business, industry, culture, and governments. Our sister cities are chosen because of special relationships our community develops with certain areas around the world.  

Some of our current sister cities are the capital cities of provinces which have a region-to-region relationship with Iowa. Many of our sister cities have a resemblance to metropolitan Des Moines in demographics, economics, and geography.

To enhance the global profile of the greater Des Moines metropolitan area by bridging communities and opening doors with international sister cities for mutual benefit in culture, education, technology, commerce, and economic development.

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Sister Cities

Below is information about each of the Sister Cities.  Please check back as we continue developing and adding information about each of our sister cities.  

Kofu Japan

When did Kofu become a Sister City?
August 16, 1958
Where is Kofu located?
Kofu, the capital of Yamanashi Prefecture, is nestled in beautiful mountains with majestic Mt. Fuji to the south. Kofu is a two-hour train ride from Tokyo.
What are the major industries of Kofu?
Major industries: 
  • Vineyards 
  • Jewelry/crystal 
  • Inden (deer hide) 
  • hot springs

Saint-Etienne France

When did Saint-Etienne become a Sister City?
May 29, 1985
Where is Saint-Etienne located?
Saint-Etienne is in the Rhone-Alps region, in the southeast quadrant of France. It is at the crossroads of major European transport routes. It is known as the "City of Art and Design" and for its education and research.
What are the major industries of Saint-Etienne?
Major industries:
  • food processing
  • distribution
  • mechanical engineering
  • automation, electronics, medical technologies

Shijiazhuang China

When did Shijiazhuang become a Sister City?
August 8, 1985
Where is Shijiazhuang located?
The capital of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang is located southwest of Beijing between the Taihang mountains and the central Hebei plains.
What are the major industries of Shijiazhuang?
Major industries:
  • textiles
  • chemicals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • machinery
  • agriculture (wheat, cotton, variety of fresh fruits)
35th Anniversary Celebration
On November 23, 2020 was a special 35th Anniversary Virtual Celebration.

Stavropol Russia

When did Stavropol become a Sister City?
July 27, 1992
Where is Stavropol located?
Stavropol, located on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, is the capital city of Stavropol, Krai. It was founded in 1777, as one of a series of ancient fortresses.
What are the major industries of Stavropol?
Major industries:
  • automobiles
  • dairy
  • construction materials
  • agriculture

Pristina, Kosovo

When did Pristina become a Sister City?
November 29, 2018
Where is Pristina located?
  • Pristina, in east central Kosovo, is the capital and largest city of Kosovo. Geographically, it’s located in the north-eastern part of Kosovo close to the Goljak mountains.
  • The city has a majority Albanian population, alongside other smaller communities. With a municipal population of 204,721 inhabitants (2016), Pristina is the second-largest city in the world with a predominantly Albanian-speaking population, after Albania's capital, Tirana.
What are the major industries of Pristina?
Pristina constitutes the heart of the economy of Kosovo and is of vital importance to the country's stability. The service sector is the most important for the economy of the city and employs more than 75% of work force; the industrial sector employs 20% of the work force; and fishing, farming, and mining employs about 5% of the work force.
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