Performance Metrics

PerformanceMetricsResident & Business Satisfaction Surveys
Every two years the City of Des Moines manages a survey to allow residents and businesses a chance to give feedback about the services they receive from the City. The input helps the City make key decisions about the City’s budget and priorities.  

Performance Management
The City of Des Moines launched a performance management effort in 2015 to support the City Council’s strategic plan, Guide DSM. The City Council’s goal is for the City of Des Moines to be a high performing organization, which will provide:

  • Customer-friendly City services
  • Easy access to services and information
  • Streamlined City processes and operation
  • Focus on the customer
  • Responsive City services
  • City working together as a team
  • Measuring service value and using data in decision making

In 2018, the City created a dashboard to show the City’s continued commitment to accountability and continuous improvement. The City participates in three other plans that drive results in the dashboard, which include:

 See the online dashboard of the past three survey results provided by the survey consultants.