Strategic Plans

Des Moines City Council and City Staff rely on strategic plans to clearly communicate the priorities established by Des Moines residents and community members. These plans set the standards for planning, development and operations throughout our City government.

PlanDSM - Creating Our Tomorrow


PlanDSM | Creating Our Tomorrow is the City of Des Moines' comprehensive plan for how it will grow into the future. PlanDSM was formed following a 19-month process involving extensive public outreach to all areas of Des Moines.

The plan consists of a vision statement of values The City considers important for the future; goals and policies for eight different Plan elements; a separate element addressing social equity; an implementation chapter describing how the Plan can be realized; and, a Future Land Use Map.

GuideDSM Strategic Plan 2016-2031


The Des Moines Strategic Plan 2016-2021-2031, or GuideDSM, clearly communicates Mayor and City Council priorities to Des Moines’ residents and businesses.

GuideDSM stays on task with the vision established by PlanDSM as planning continues to address future needs. GuideDSM informs development of annual City budgets and capital improvements planning for the next five fiscal years.

MoveDSM - Transportation for Everyone


MoveDSM is Des Moines’ first citywide transportation master plan.

The 25-year plan clearly identifies how multi-modal transportation supports The City’s goals outlined in PlanDSM for safety, quality of life and economic development and ensures that The City is best positioned to provide transportation options for all residents in every stage of life.

LiveDSM - Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan


LiveDSM is a comprehensive plan for Des Moines' parks and recreation.

The long-range plan enables multi-year planning for capital investments and updated levels of service standards while integrating Des Moines' pursuit of parks, recreation, the arts, and environmental education and furthers the goals and priorities established in GuideDSM.