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Des Moines is already experiencing the effects of climate change, and these impacts challenge our quality of life, economy, and future.

To better coordinate our response to climate change, reduce harmful emissions, and chart a more resilient future, the City of Des Moines is developing a community-wide climate action and adaptation plan.

This plan will guide decision making, policy, and program development for pollution and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation and climate adaptation actions that address climate change.

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The effort, titled ADAPT DSM, will be a visionary, action-oriented plan to achieve the following goals:

2025 Goal 2025
28% Reduction in emissions from 2008 levels
2030 Goal 2030
45% Reduction in emissions from 2010 levels
2035 Goal 2035
100% 24/7 Carbon-Free electricity citywide
2050 Goal 2050
Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions

The City of Des Moines is committed to an equitable and inclusive process, recognizing that robust community involvement and input are essential to the success of both the planning effort and future implementation. All Des Moines community members will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and the City’s project team will work closely with community partners to ensure that the voices of those disproportionately impacted by climate change are reflected and prioritized.

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