Neighborhood Revitalization Program

In June 2018, we completed a second evaluation of our Neighborhood Revitalization Program. 

Consulting firm czbLLC:

  • Assessed neighborhood conditions
  • Collected market data
  • Provided recommendations for an updated strategy

Over the next year, the City and its partners will:

  • Work to adjust policies
  • Develop different tools
  • Bring substantial new resources to upgrade the older housing stock in Des Moines neighborhoods.

This work will be paired with other initiatives to promote quality of life. New tools to support neighborhood improvement may include more financing options for critical home repairs, strategic code enforcement of poorly maintained properties, and policies that encourage creative housing options. 

The Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) was created in 1990 to help stabilize and improve Des Moines neighborhoods. Much of the existing framework for the NRP was established in a report prepared by consulting firm Stockard & Engler, the Housing Improvement and Neighborhood Revitalization Report.In 2005, A New Strategy for a New Time provided an evaluation of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program.