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If the City finds junk, debris, inoperable or unlicensed vehicles on a property, we will notify the property owner to remove them. If the property owner doesn't resolve the issue, the city will conduct a clean-up. 

  • It is not legal to store junk and debris outside a structure.*
  • It is not legal to store inoperable vehicles outside a structure.*
  • A vehicle is inoperable when it cannot start or, would be illegal to drive on a street, or is missing major parts.
  • It is not legal to store a vehicle outside a structure that is not plated and with the current sticker.
  • If they don’t the city will conduct a clean-up.
  • The bill could be assessed to the property to be paid as a tax bill.

*A structure must be fully enclosed and have doors. A tent, tarp or metal carport does not count as a structure.

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