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Commercial Building Permit

Commercial Building Permit Submittal Requirements
  1. Commercial Building Permit Application
  2. Code Analysis
  3. 2 paper copies (minimum size of 24” x 36”) of all construction documents. Documents should include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans.
  4. Project Value
  5. Plan Review fees (fee calculator)
Commercial Building Permit Documents

Submittal Documents
Commercial Building Permit Application
Code Analysis Worksheet
Code Plan Instructions/Information
Example Code Plan Option A
Example Code Plan Option B
Grease Interceptor Information - FOG Program
Hazardous Materials Reporting Packet

Special Inspections
Special Inspection Program Handbook
Special Inspection Testing Agreement Form

Building Obstructions
Building Obstruction Permit Guidelines

Outdoor Patios
Plan Submittal Requirements For Outdoor/Patio Areas Added To Restaurants/Bars

Cell Towers
Cell Tower Submittal Checklist

General Information
Commercial Handrail Handout
Commercial Stair and Ramp Handout