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Sidewalk Maintenance

Sidewalk Maintenance Objective

The sidewalk division of the Community Development Department, in conjunction with the Engineering Department, inspects sidewalks with the objective to provide safe conditions for pedestrians.

Notice to Reconstruct Sidewalk

It is state law that the owner of any property abutting a public sidewalk shall maintain the sidewalk in a safe condition. If a property owner is notified their sidewalk is defective, the owner has 180 days to make repairs. A permit is required for a property owner or the contractor they hire to replace or repair the sidewalk. A permit costs $40.00 and is available in the city’s Permit and Development Center in the Armory Building at 602 Robert D Ray Drive. Sidewalk & Driveway permit questions can be answered at (515) 283-4536. For more information on Sidewalk Ordinances, see the City Municipal Code.

Subsidy Assistance

Income eligible property owners may apply for subsidy assistance. If approved within 30 days from the date of Notice to Reconstruct Sidewalk, the city will arrange to have the sidewalk replaced.