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Tax Abatement Plan Update:
The City is considering updates to its Urban Revitalization (Tax Abatement) Plan.  
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March 9, 2021 Stakeholder Presentation

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What is Tax Abatement?

A temporary reduction in property taxes over a specified period of time on the portion of assessed value added by new construction, or improvements to an existing structure.  The City of Des Moines tax abatement program encourages new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures through property tax incentives.

The City Council has adopted the tax abatement program to stimulate community revitalization, improve existing housing stock, retain and attract City residents and homeowners to the City of Des Moines, and to reduce development costs for high quality commercial and industrial projects.

Tax abatement is available to both homeowners and developers. To be eligible for tax abatement, properties must be located in the City of Des Moines, be connected to public sanitary sewer, and have obtained all necessary permits.  Contact the Permit and Development Center at if you wish to inquire about the type of work that requires permits.

New construction, additions, major rehabilitation and remodeling improvements generally increase the assessed value.  Repairs generally do not increase the assessed value unless several major repairs are completed at the same time.

The County Assessor’s Office determines the actual abatement amount based on the type of improvements. There may be an increase or decrease in taxes during the abatement period when voted changes in tax rates, special assessments, or reassessments reflecting neighborhood trends take effect.

Abatement terms and rates depend on the type of project and value of work. A schedule of tax abatement terms and rates can be found below.

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Residential Tax Abatement Maps2 documents

  • Targeted Residential Area Tax Abatement Map
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  • Multi-Family Tax Abatement Eligibility Map
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  • Commercial Tax Abatement Acknowledgement Form
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  • Commercial Tax Abatement Design Standards
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  • Downtown Overlay District Map
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  • Eastern Gateway Area Requirements (with map)
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  • Court Avenue Area Requirements (with map)
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  • Historic Fort Des Moines Archaeological Requirements (with map)
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