Historic Preservation Plan

The first Preservation Plan for the City of Des Moines, written in 1995, laid the groundwork for a preservation program and recognizes the importance of historic resources, partnerships, and tools to protect historic areas of Des Moines. This updated plan will build on the success of the previous plan, the work completed by City staff, the Historic Preservation Commission, and the preservation community in the City of Des Moines. This work will address contemporary preservation plan topics including midcentury modern buildings, intangible historic resources, and creating an equitable plan.

This project is anticipated to take approximately 14 months to complete and will include opportunities for input and engagement throughout. The schedule below outlines the key project phases, deliverables, and public input opportunities. This webpage will be updated with locations and times of public meetings, draft documents, and other information as the project progresses.

Planning and Urban Design
Kyle Larson
Senior City Planner
(515) 283-4182
Monday through Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Phase 1: Kickoff

  • Public Open House and Stakeholder Meetings
  • Summary of Stakeholder Input
  • Citywide Historic Preservation Plan Outline

Phase 2: Existing Preservation Program

  • Draft existing Historic Preservation Program Report
  • Draft Equity and Inclusion Assessment
  • Final Existing Program Report Document

Phase 3: Future of the Preservation Program

  • Draft Goals and Policies
  • Review of Draft Documents (Virtual)
  • Public Survey (Online)

Phase 4: Plan Development

  • Final historic Preservation Action Plan
  • Draft Historic Preservation Plan
  • Public Open House and Stakeholder Meetings
  • Final Citywide Historic Preservation Plan

Phase 5: Adoption

  • City Council Hearings to Adopt Historic Preservation Plan