2nd Avenue Corridor Construction

Project Overview

The 2nd Avenue Bridge over Birdland Drive was constructed in 1936 and altered and widened in 1986. Based on its condition, the City will be constructing a new bridge. The 2nd Avenue Bridge over the Des Moines River was constructed in 1935 and widened in 1985. With the 2nd Avenue Bridge over Birdland Drive proposed for replacement, the City will be rehabilitating this bridge over the Des Moines River during the same construction period.

A new storm sewer along the west side of 2nd Avenue from College Avenue to the Des Moines River is needed as part of the River Bend and King Irving Sewer Separation project to remove stormwater from the combined sanitary sewers in the River Bend and King Irving areas.

2nd Avenue from University Avenue to the Des Moines River is currently a 40-foot-wide, 4-lane-across section of roadway (lane widths ranging from 9.5 feet to 10 feet) with disconnected 4-feet-wide sidewalks on either side. Due to the condition, the pavement along this stretch of roadway needs complete reconstruction.

The storm sewer and pavement reconstruction work provide an opportunity to consider geometric improvements to the street.

2nd Avenue from University Avenue to the Des Moines River will be under construction starting in early 2022 through early 2025.

Project Study Findings

The City hired a traffic engineering consultant to complete a traffic study of the 2nd Avenue corridor from University Avenue to the Des Moines River to determine if geometric improvements to the street were needed. The study looked at crash trends, existing and future traffic operations, and multi-modal accommodations. The traffic study showed that 2nd Avenue had higher average crash rates along the corridor and at several intersections when compared to statewide average crash rates for similar corridors and intersections. The study also identified the following issues present along the corridor:

  • No turn lanes provided at intersections
  • Narrow travel lanes (less than 10 feet in width)
  • Proximity of utility poles to the road
  • Inadequate access management

2nd Avenue Corridor Traffic Study

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