Design and Construction

Design Group functions: 

  • Design services for the Engineering Department and other City departments
  • Administrative support for Engineering Department activities
  • Management of capital improvements program projects.
  • Systematic construction, reconstruction, and repair programs for storm and sanitary sewers and water detention basins
  • Address the City's infrastructure needs using a priority system for timely maintenance

GIS/Graphics Section functions: 

  • Support Engineering project design preparation
  • Maintain and provide City departments and the public:
    • Quarter section, planimetric and topographic maps
    • Sewer maps and data
    • Aerial photography
    • Construction records on all public improvements
  • Provide City agencies with:
    • Maps
    • Plans
    • Charts
    • Overlays
    • Displays
    • Exhibits
  • Provide computer systems support for the Engineering Department
  • Complete the conversion and implementation phase for the city-wide Automated Mapping and Facilities Management Geographic Information System