Fire Station No 4

Project Overview:

As part of the Fire Department’s long-term planning for station replacement, this project provides for the replacement of Fire Station 4.  This station will be similar in size to the newly constructed Fire Station 11, with the addition of a fourth apparatus bay and a stair training tower.

Project Purpose and Goals:

Station 4 has been identified as the highest priority project for the Fire Department for two main reasons:
1. The ability to improve service delivery to the residents and guests of Des Moines; and
2. The opportunity to replace the 2nd oldest fire station in the city.  

Recording of the May 26, 2022 Meeting

Over the past two years the Fire Department, in conjunction with Facilities has evaluated all existing fire stations for functionality, deferred maintenance and future replacement needs.  In addition to these building assessments, the Fire Department is in the midst of pursuing fire service accreditation.  A portion of this accreditation process is the quantitative assessment of service delivery.  One aspect of service delivery is response time, specifically travel time to incidents from fixed locations.

When placing stations, the goal is to strategically locate fixed facilities (fire stations) to ensure the department can meet the established travel time benchmark (4 minutes or less, 90% of the time).   The map (4.5-minute current coverage) illustrates the current coverage capabilities (including station 11) in a 4.5-minute travel time from each station surrounding and including Station 4.  To meet the 4 minutes or less travel time benchmark 90% of the time, the department utilizes the 4.5-minute travel from fixed station metric when planning future station placement. 


To understand where current service gaps exist, the map (incidents outside of 4-minute travel) is utilized to see where incidents are occurring within the city that can’t be reached from a fixed location within 4-minutes.  This helps to understand the underserved areas of the city and the density of calls that occur in these areas. 


The Fire Department currently utilizes the concept of a 4.5-minute travel distance as the metric for this analysis (to achieve the benchmark of reaching calls for service within 4 minutes, 90 percent of the time). 

Based on the historical and contextual discussion; benchmark of 4-minutes or less, 90% of the time, travel time to all emergent calls; and facilities’ condition, programmatic, and deployment analysis; the following immediate recommendations apply:

Station 4 should be located to the west and north of its current location (one possible location, illustrated in the map below, is the area of 16th & Carpenter).

StationAllocation - Copy

Station 4 paint touch up

Current Station 4
    • Is the second oldest station
    • Best opportunity to improve service delivery

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