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Flood Information Center

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The links listed below contain information regarding flooding and development in the floodplain. This information includes brochures,  flood maps, elevation certificate information, an annual progress report for Des Moines projects identified in the Polk County Hazard Mitigation Plan, and links to FEMA's "Flood Smart" and flood insurance websites. The tabs at the bottom of the page also contain important information and safety tips for before, during, and after a flood event.  If you have any questions regarding this information or if you are seeking additional information about the floodplain or floodplain development, please contact the Permit & Development Center staff at 515-283-4200.

Know Your Flood Hazard - Even if you are not in the floodplain

Flood Insurance - Please spread the word

Flood Warnings - Stay informed

Build Responsibly - Floodplain development requirements

Protect Natural Floodplain Functions - Drainage system

Flood Safety - Protect yourself, your property, and others