Special Assessments

The Special Assessment Subsidy Program was adopted by the City Council to assist low and moderate-income homeowners pay assessments related to the construction of new public improvements and sidewalk repairs

For Public Improvement projects

    • You must apply for the Special Assessment Subsidy within 180 days of the City Council’s approval of the new public improvement by the adoption of the Resolution of Necessity.
Special Assessment Subsidy Program Application

For Sidewalk Repairs

    • You must apply for the Sidewalk Repair Subsidy within 180 days of the date listed on the Notice To Repair Sidewalk
    • Driveway approaches are not included in this program
Special Assessment Sidewalk Subsidy Program Application

Eligibility for Assistance

You are eligible for assistance if you apply for subsidy within the specified timeframe listed above, and meet both the following requirements:

  1. You must be either the property owner or the contract buyer, and live at the property to be assessed at the time the City Council approves the Public Improvement Project by adopting the Resolution of Necessity, or when the Notice to Repair Sidewalk is issued. The property includes only the land around the home within the single parcel as identified for tax purposes by the Polk County Assessor.
  2. The adjusted annual income (as defined in the application) of your household does not exceed the limits based upon your household size. These limits are defined in the application.

For further information, please contact the City of Des Moines Special Assessments office at (515) 283-4231.