Hubbell Avenue Reconstruction Project

This project has been completed. This page will be archived after December 2022.

Reconstructing Hubbell Avenue: A Project Overview

In 2016, the City hired a consulting firm to study the safety and traffic operations along Hubbell Avenue from E 33rd Street to E 38th Street. The traffic study identified significant safety issues along the corridor including a high rate of broadside left turn, and rear-end crashes. The City reviewed the consultant's recommendations, met with the Iowa DOT, and gathered information through public open houses to determine the best way to address the safety issues in this area. The result of that collaboration is the Hubbell Avenue Reconstruction Project.

This Hubbell Avenue Reconstruction Project is a safety project to improve approximately 2/3 of a mile of Hubbell Avenue from Euclid Avenue to the east of E 38th Street. The project will:

  • Reconstruct roadways
  • Reconfigure and add turn lanes at intersections
  • Improve access management by adding a median and relocating driveways
  • Install traffic signals at Euclid and two new intersections
  • Add pedestrian facilities along Hubbell Avenue
  • Construct a wetland to treat stormwater runoff before it enters Fourmile Creek
See a video of what Hubbell Avenue will look like when the project is complete.

City Project manager

Brett Lewis
City of Des Moines Project Engineer



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