Ingersoll Avenue Reconstruction from Polk Blvd to 42nd St

Reconstructing Ingersoll Avenue From Polk BLVD to 42nd St: A Project Overview

Currently, Ingersoll Avenue between Polk Boulevard and 42nd Street includes a drive lane in each direction, a continuous left-turn lane, bike lanes in each direction, and on-street parking on both sides. To comply with the City's Complete Streets Policy and meet current traffic and parking needs, the two-way left-turn lane and parking on one side of Ingersoll Avenue will be repurposed. The new street configuration will include drive lanes in each direction, on-street parking on the north side, and buffered bike lanes in each direction. These improvements provide a consistent corridor to connect the improvements currently under construction from MLK to 24th street associated with the Streetscape improvements. Existing sidewalks will be reconstructed. The new sidewalk will be constructed to fill in missing gaps to provide a continuous walking path. The project also includes improvements to underground utilities.

Project Purpose and Goals

Engineering & Research Internation, Inc. (ERI) conducted a pavement evaluation analysis in 2016 that identified this section of Ingersoll Avenue to need full reconstruction. The City hired McClure Engineering Co. to study the existing traffic and parking use on Ingersoll Avenue and to review how the current and future parking and traffic needs would fit with the City's Complete Streets Policy. The study of traffic data found the two-way left-turn lane was unnecessary to meet turning movements and that peak parking along the corridor could be accommodated with parking on only the north side of Ingersoll Avenue. The new roadway section will reduce the crossing distance to improve pedestrian safety. The existing bike lanes on Ingersoll Avenue are not buffered and do not meet the Complete Streets Policy. Buffered bike lanes are proposed for this public improvement project. The existing stormwater collection system does not meet current design standards and will require improvements including permeable pavers in the on-street parking lane.

City Project Manager
Christopher Kuhl
City of Des Moines Engineering Department - Project Engineer

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