Ingersoll Streetscape Phases 1-3

The Ingersoll Streetscape Phases 1-3: A Project Overview

Beginning in 2020, The City of Des Moines Engineering Department began the Ingersoll Streetscape improvements starting at Ingersoll Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and extending to 28th Street and Ingersoll. The primary goal of these improvements was to improve roadway safety for all types of traffic that utilize this corridor, including improvements to walkability and sidewalks, improving pedestrian crossings, adding dedicated bicycle facilities, and burying utility lines.

Project Purpose and Goals

Safety: The main goal of this project is to improve roadway safety, multi-modal accessibility, and upgrade utilities and stormwater infrastructure.

Consistent Corridors: Create a vibrant commercial corridor with a uniform cross section.

Project Presentations

The City of Des Moines Engineering Department held a virtual public meeting with information about this project on February 23, 2022.

Recording of the February 23, 2022 Meeting

City Project Manager
Christopher Kuhl
City of Des Moines Engineering Department - Project Engineer

What is included in the utility upgrades?

How will parking change along the corridor?

What changes will there be for pedestrian traffic?

How will the new bike lanes be constructed?

Will there be more nature in the streetscape? Is it sustainable?