McKinley Avenue Reconstruction Project

Public Meeting

A virtual public information meeting was held on May 12, 2021, to discuss preliminary elements of the McKinley Avenue reconstruction from S.W. 9th Street to South Union Street. A recording of the meeting can be viewed below.

June 16, 2021, Public Information Meeting

The City of Des Moines Engineering Department held an informational meeting on Wednesday, June 16 as a follow-up to the virtual meeting held on May 12, 2021, to discuss the McKinley Avenue reconstruction project. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain feedback from property owners and roadway users regarding proposed plans to widen McKinley Avenue by approximately 15 feet to accommodate a single lane of traffic in both directions, buffered bike lanes, and five-foot sidewalks along both sides of the road.
Concern was expressed by a majority of those who attended the June 16 meeting that widening McKinley Avenue will significantly impact front yard areas and steepen driveways. Comments from meeting attendees can be viewed HERE.

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Based on the meeting feedback, the City of Des Moines Engineering Department is currently proceeding with plans to reconstruct McKinley Avenue with a single lane in both directions, a new 10-foot-wide shared-use path along the north side of the roadway, and a new five-foot-wide sidewalk along the south side of McKinley Avenue as shown below. On-street bike lanes would not be provided.

Project Overview

The entirety of McKinley Avenue from Indianola Avenue to Fleur Drive has been planned for reconstruction by the City of Des Moines in six phases. Beginning in 2008 and completed in 2019, McKinley Avenue between South Union Street and S.E. 14th Street, and McKinley Avenue between S.E. 5th Street and S.E. 14th Street were the first two phases of the project completed.

Based on the condition of McKinley Avenue between S.W. 9th Street and S. Union Street, this section has been selected as the third phase of McKinley Avenue to be reconstructed. Construction will likely begin in late 2022 or the spring of 2023.
The City of Des Moines' Transportation Master Plan, MoveDSM, identified McKinley Avenue as a Core Bike Network Facility. This label means MoveDSM identified updates needed for existing and future modes of transportation. This reconstruction project will also address stormwater drainage along the corridor.

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