McKinley Avenue Reconstruction Project

Upcoming Public Meetings

The next upcoming public meeting regarding the Mckinley Avenue Reconstruction Project will be held on Wednesday, June 16 from 6-7 p.m. at the South Union Elementary School located at 4201 S. Union Street.

Project Overview

The entirety of McKinley Avenue has been planned for reconstruction by the City of Des Moines in six phases. Beginning in 2008 and completed in 2019, McKinley Avenue between South Union Street and S.E. 14th Street, and McKinley Avenue between S.E. 5th Street and S.E. 14th Street were the first two phases of the project completed.

Based on the condition of McKinley Avenue between S.W. 9th Street and S. Union Street, it has been chosen as the third phase of McKinley Avenue to be reconstructed.

Project Study Findings

Reconstruction Project Details

In assessing McKinley Avenue's current condition, it was found to have deteriorating pavement, poor drainage from the street and incomplete pedestrian facilities. Reconstruction of McKinley Avenue from S.W. 9th Street to S. Union Street is part of a larger project to reconstruct the entire McKinley Avenue corridor from Indianola Avenue to Fleur Drive.

The City of Des Moines' Transportation Master Plan, MoveDSM, identified McKinley Avenue as a Core Bike Network Facility. This label means MoveDSM identified updates needed for existing and future modes of transportation. Similar to previously-widened segments of McKinley Avenue, the reconstructed McKinley Avenue will be re-painted to include on-street bike lanes.

This reconstruction project will also address the incomplete sidewalks and steep slopes on either side of the road to improve stormwater drainage and steep driveways.

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