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Parking Garages

City Owned Parking Garages are managed by ABM Parking Services. If you have questions or concerns, contact them:

You may also contact the Traffic & Transportation Division for further information:

City Parking Garages are available 7 days a week. Rates apply Monday through Saturday.

  • Rate: $1.00/hour.
    • 5th & Keo Parking Garage, - 525 5th Ave (close to the Iowa Events Center)
    • 4th & Grand Parking Garage - 400 Grand Ave (close to the Civic Center)
    • 3rd & Court Parking Garage - 210 2nd Ave (close to the Civic Center and Farmer's Market)
    • 9th & Locust Parking Garage - 801 Locust St
    • East 2nd Street Parking Garage - 402 E. 2nd Street
    • E 4th & Des Moines Parking Garage - 555 E 4th Street (ground level)
  • Rate: $1.00/hour for the first two hours, $0.50/hour for each additional hour
    • Center Street Park & Ride Parking Garage - 830 6th Ave (close to the Iowa Event Center)

You may view the garages on the Park Downtown Des Moines Parking Map.

Monthly parking options are available at all city-owned garages. For information about monthly parking options and rates, contact ABM Parking Services.