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Right of Way Management

The Right-of-Way (ROW) is the area between your property line and the City street. We manage activities in the public right-of-way to

  • Reduce traffic obstructions
  • Decrease damage to City streets and sidewalks
  • Increase safety.

Property owners may not plant or place objects within the City right-of-way. Contact the Traffic & Transportation Division with questions about what can be placed in the ROW and concerns about items already in the ROW

  • Email:
  • Phone: (515) 283-4973.

Working in the Right-of-Way

  • ROW License
    • A license is required to place equipment within the City right-of-way.
    • To apply for a new ROW License, add equipment to your current license, or renew your license, complete an application. Go to the licenses and permits page for additional information.
    • For more information regarding ROW license email or call the Traffic & Transportation Division
    • ROW Obstruction/Excavation Permits