Right of Way Management

The Traffic & Transportation division manage activities in the City of Des Moines public right-of-way to reduce traffic obstructions, decrease damage to City streets and sidewalks, and increase public safety.

What is ROW? The right-of-way (ROW) is the area between either your sidewalk or the edge of your property line and the City street.

Public Right-of-Way diagram

Property owners may not plant or place objects within the City right-of-way. Contact the Traffic & Transportation Division with questions about what can't be placed in the ROW and concerns about items already in the ROW.

Contact Us

(515) 283-4973


Working in the Right-of-Way

ROW License

A license is required to place equipment within the City right-of-way. To apply for a new ROW License, add equipment to your current license, or renew your license, complete an application. Go to the licenses and permits page for additional information.

For more information regarding ROW license email or call the Traffic & Transportation Division.

ROW Obstruction/Excavation Permits

A permit is required to work with City right-of-way. The Permit and Development Center issues ROW permits.

Email ROW@dmgov.org or call (515)283-4200.