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The downtown skywalk system is 4.2 miles in length and connects 55 buildings and 12 parking ramps. The City of Des Moines inspects, repairs and maintains all of the publicly accessible Skywalk Bridges. The City also assumes a 14 foot wide pedestrian corridor or easement area through various privately owned buildings. Hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days per week.

City of Des Moines Skywalk Map

The City of Des Moines provides the following oversight:

  • Skywalk System Inspections
  • Coordination with Skywalk Association Members
  • Oversight of Skywalk Repairs and Maintenance
  • Skywalk Event Approval

For questions or concerns, please contact Calvin Miller, Skywalk Facilities Manager, at (515) 283-4748.

For Skywalk Events, please complete the Skywalk Event Form below and return to the skywalk facilities manager for review.