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Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Budget

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget

  • Includes all the Capital Improvement Projects for the current year and the five fiscal years following. 
  • Helps to better plan, prioritize, and coordinate capital improvement projects

The Capital Budget

  • Is the first year of the CIP
  • Includes a detailed source of funding for each project
  • Is formally adopted by March 15th of each year, in conjunction with the Operating Budget
  • Since CIP projects often impact operating costs, the two budgets are tied together.

A Capital Improvement Project

  • Is a major expenditure involving all aspects of construction, renovation, and repair of City-owned buildings and infrastructure.
  • Usually has a minimum useful life of 10 years, costs exceeding $10,000, and is funded in whole or in part through the issuance of bonds, federal funds, state funds, or user fees specifically designated for that purpose.
  • Projects map

View the current and previous year’s CIP budgets below.

Contact us with your questions about the CIP Budget.

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Capital Improvements Program Budgets2 documents

  • CIP 2020 - Adopted Capital Improvements Program
    document _recordid 755
  • CIP 2019 - Recommended Capital Improvements Program
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