Des Moines Fire Equipment

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100-Foot Ladder Truck

This 100-foot ladder tower is housed downtown at Station 1 amongst the tallest buildings in the State of Iowa. More Info
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75-foot Ladder Truck

One of four 75-foot ladder trucks is housed at Station 8 on the City's south side. In addition to the large ladder on top, this truck carries fans, saws, hose, ground ladders and 300 gallons of water. More Info

District Chief

DMFD has 2 shift commanders on duty at all times, each of them drive an SUV like the one pictured and are responsible for half of the city.  More Info


One of nine fire engines is housed at Station 9 on the City's Northwest side. These trucks carry 500 gallons of water, several hundred feet of hose and assorted hand tools as well as medical equipment. Take the virtual tour below to explore the equipment our team uses on a daily basis: More Info
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Haz-Mat 3, known as "The Beauty" along with Haz-Mat 1 from Station 1, which is known as "The Beast", responds on Hazardous Materials incidents anywhere within the 7-county area surrounding Des Moines. More Info

Medic (Ambulance)

DMFD has 10 ambulances on-duty every day (effective 7-1-22). They respond to medical emergencies and have 2 highly skilled paramedics that staff each ambulance. Over 70% of calls to the DMFD
involve an EMS response. Take a virtual tour of one of our Medic Ambulances to learn more about the specialized equipment our team uses:

involve Emergency Medical Services.
More Info
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Tech Rescue

The technical rescue team is split between stations 4 and 7 and has members trained in high and low angle rescue, confined space and complex extrications like grain bin rescues. More Info
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Water Emergency Team

The water emergency team (WET) is split between stations 2 and 6 and has members trained in swift water and ice rescue who respond to emergencies that occur on our waterways all year long. More Info
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Water Tender

A water tender is a fire apparatus designed to carry large amounts of water to areas of the City without fire hydrants. Tender 10 is one of two DMFD water tenders and is housed at Station 10 protecting the City's SE side. More Info