Fire Department

Des Moines Fire Department is a customer focused state of the art provider of fire protection, emergency medical and related services. We’re proud of our distinguished history of protecting our community and our tradition of service is strong. Our personnel are skilled, dedicated, caring, and courageous. We work in a challenging environment, and we meet the challenge every day. Our main focuses are:

Fire Suppression

We provide cutting edge Fire Suppression Services to protect the 217,000 residents of Des Moines and their property. Our department includes three divisions of firefighters, 10 fire stations, nine fire engines, five ladder trucks, and nine ambulances. In addition to these front-line units, the department has two hazardous materials response teams, two water tenders, a water emergency team, and a technical rescue team that helped the Des Moines Fire Department respond to 28,416 calls during 2020.

Emergency Medical and Related Services

The Des Moines Fire Department provides emergency medical services to anybody in the City of Des Moines who dials "911" to request an ambulance or physical assistance. The Des Moines Fire Department responded to over 28,000 calls in 2020 and roughly 70% of those calls involved Emergency Medical Services.

The EMS Department includes nearly 300 employees, and all firefighters hired since 2002 are required to obtain Paramedic certifications as a condition of employment. The Des Moines Fire Department is both the largest and busiest fire-based emergency medical service in the state of Iowa.

Public Education: Fire Safety to Children and Adults

Part of our mission as a Fire Department includes taking proactive steps to prevent fires before they occur through community education. We provide numerous public safety programs with the goal of reducing fires, accidents and injuries. The content of the program can be tailored to individual groups or organizations, and our employees relish the opportunity to make an impact on your organization by promoting fire safety.

Inspections: Commercial Properties and Public Spaces

The Des Moines Fire Department is also committed to ensuring safety by maintaining high standards of safety through its inspections of commercial properties, new buildings and public spaces.   We offer forms to request an inspection as well as resources and specifications for design and construction professionals to guide them through the requirements to create structures that are designed with fire safety in mind.

Des Moines Fire Department
2715 Dean Avenue
Administration, Maintenance and Training Building
Des Moines, IA 50317
Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Excluding City holidays
Please contact us for inspections, requests for public education presentations, and general inquiries.

Phone: (515) 283-4237
FAX: (515) 283-4907
John TeKippe

John TeKippe