Past DMFD Chiefs

The Des Moines Fire Department has called 13 different people "Chief" over its 138 year history (although Martin Melander had two separate stints as Chief in the 1890s). Take a look below at the former Chiefs from Ream Johnson in 1883 to our longest serving chief Will Burnett who ran the DMFD for 41 years. 
Ream Johnson 1883-1892
Martin Melander 1893-1893
John Monarch 1894-1895
Martin Melander 1895-1896
Will Burnett 1896-1937
Charles Slade 1937-1956
Wayne Ulm 1956-1963
Lee Williams 1963-1985
Robert Armstrong 1985-1993
Charles Morgan 1993-1996
James Hunt 1996-1998
Ronald Wakeham 1998-2002
Phillip Vorlander 2002-2009
John TeKippe 2009 - Current