The Ultimate Sacrifice

RS1914_20190103_DMFD-FireRecruit_112Working for the DMFD requires courage, quick-thinking, and compassion. To work here, you have to have all three, because you have to be willing to put yourself into challenging situations to suppress fires, make dangerous rescues, and put yourselves on the front lines for your community. This bravery and dedication to service has resulted in 25 firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Des Moines, Iowa.

Died in the Line of Duty

Fire Fighter Bernard McBride (April 3, 1904)
Fire Fighter C. A. Carlson (January 14, 1907)
Fire Fighter John Clark (January 17, 1907)
Fire Fighter S. L. Shivers (March 14, 1915)
Fire Fighter C. A. Grim (December 13, 1925)
Fire Fighter S.W. Britton (October 10, 1933)
Chief William Burnett (March 27, 1937)
Fire Fighter Fred E. Welsh (August 25, 1939)
Fire Fighter Theo L. Pointer (July 10, 1944)
Fire Fighter Arthur Cochran (December 5, 1944)
Fire Fighter P. L. Swift (December 5, 1944)
District Chief L.E. Stradtman (February 18, 1949)
Fire Fighter Mike Sheehey (March 31, 1950)
Fire Fighter Oliver N. Bird (February 8, 1951)
Lieutenant Dorman W. Johnson (February 16, 1956)
Fire Fighter Stanley Peterson (February 16, 1956)
Lieutenant Albert Bartlow (March 6, 1960)
Captain Ralph Quinn (February 27, 1962)
Captain James Harty (November 8, 1962)
Lieutenant Gerald Snethen (August 14, 1964)
Captain Doyle Jacobs (August 31, 1966)
Engineer John P. Leto (February 10, 1970)
Fire Fighter Michael Vivone (March 14, 2006)
Fire Fighter Kirk Pederson (October 17, 2011)
Engineer Douglas McCauley (February 11, 2017)