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Family Self-Sufficiency Program

The Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program available to            FSS Logo Final

  • Participants of the Housing Choice Voucher program 
  • Participants of the Public Housing program

Objectives of the FSS Program:

  • Increase income 
  • Increase financial literacy
  • Progress towards economic independence and self sufficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate need for welfare assistance

The FSS program provides

  • Job resources
  • Educational opportunities
  • Job training
  • Counseling
  • Other available resources

The FSS Coordinator

  • Provides support and coaching while participants work toward economic self-sufficiency
  • Helps with
    • Goal setting
    • Support
    • Accountability

Graduating from FSS may allow participants to earn a cash savings account and lead to an opportunity to buy a home.

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