General Agency Questions

Public Housing Program

Are pets allowed?
Yes we are a pet friendly agency.  Tenants may own and keep one common household pet in a Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency owned apartment unit or home.  A common household pet is defined as a domesticated animal that is traditionally kept in the home for pleasure;  such as a dog, cat, bird, rodent (including a rabbit), or fish.
What is the pet security deposit?
The pet security deposit is a refundable $300.00 deposit.
Do I have to pay utilities?
If a tenant is residing in one of the 5 apartment complexes (Royal View Manor, East View Manor, South View Manor, Oak Park Plaza, or Highland Park Plaza), then utilities are included in with your rent.  However, if you are residing in a Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency scattered site home, you may be responsible for the whole amount or a portion of the utilities.
If I take an efficiency apartment, can I move to a one bedroom later?
The types of transfers the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency will consider are limited.  There needs to be valid proof of a life threatening medical condition, physical harm / criminal activity, or a reasonable accommodation.  A change in household composition may also result in a transfer initiated by the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency.
What is the security deposit?
Efficiencies - $265.00
1 Bedroom - $315.00
2 Bedroom - $390.00
3 Bedroom - $545.00
4 Bedroom - $580.00
5 Bedroom - $670.00
What amenities are offered?
Manors include all paid utilities, conveniently located close to bus lines, all equipped with elevators, community rooms and on-site laundry facilities.  Regular maintenance is available 5 days a week, and on-call contact for evenings and weekends to ensure resident repairs are addressed in a timely manner.
What should I do if my income changes during my occupancy?
Any income changes are required to be reported to the Senior Housing Case Manager of your community within 10 days.  Your rent may be affected due to the income change.
How long is the waiting list?
DMMHA is currently only accepting applications for efficiency and one bedroom units.  Waiting list wait times vary, but are currently very short;  approximately 30-90 days.
How much is rent?
There are two options for rent;
1. Pay approximately 30% of your adjusted gross rent.
2. Pay current fair market rent.
Is there an exception to how long you can receive subsidy for?
There are no exceptions to how long you can receive subsidy.  However, as a tenant, you are responsible to follow and abide by the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency's requirements for continued occupancy.
What does a Resident Service Coordinator offer?

Each Public Housing building has an on-site Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) to  assist residents with tasks to promote independent living.  The RSC is available to assist with coordinating activities within public housing rental units, acquiring information and services from local agencies, and alerting residents to new social service programs as they become available.  The RSC will connect residents to community resources, coordinate activities of resident interest, assist residents with filling out forms to obtain services, acquire information regarding other agencies pertaining to residents’ needs, and will respond to resident’s individual needs regarding referrals provided.

Are there other programs that can stem from Public Housing?

Definitely!  The FSS Program is a voluntary program available ONLY to Public Housing and Section 8 participants.  The FSS Program coordinates housing assistance with public and private resources to provide households with case management, support, employment leads, workshops, home ownership benefits, resources, referrals, and an escrow account to assist with achievement of self sufficiency.

Section 8 Program

How do I apply for Section 8?
The Section 8 waiting list is almost always CLOSED.  Check the Section 8 Program page on this web site to see if/when the waiting list may be open.
Where am I on the waiting list?
Check your current position on the Section 8 Housing waiting list by calling our office at 515-323-8950
I got a job, what do I do?
Contact your Housing Case Manager in writing within 14 calendar days of the change of income or change of employment.  Your Case Manager will send you a letter scheduling a date and time for you to come in to complete the re-examination of your assistance.  ALL income changes must be submitted in writing to your Housing Case Manager.

Who is allowed to live in my unit?
Only the persons listed on your assistance with DMMHA are allowed to live in the unit.  All other persons require prior approval by the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency and must be approved by DMMHA prior to moving in.   To request to add someone, submit the request, along with the name, date of birth and social security number to your Housing Case Manager.
I'm getting married, what do I do?
Contact your Housing Case Manager for approval to add another family member as occupants of the unit BEFORE that person can move in.  Requests must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the effective date of the new member being added to the lease.  This will require a police screening of the new occupant and approval by the property owner/landlord.
When do I sign my lease?
The property owner is responsible for obtaining your signature on the lease and returning it to the DMMHA.
How do I add someone to my lease?
If you want someone to move in, prior approval by the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency is required.   To request to add someone, submit the request, along with the name, date of birth and social security number to your Housing Case Manager.
How do I remove someone from my lease?

Put it in writing to you Housing Case Manager.  Include who you want to remove and what date do you want them to be removed.

How long can a visitor stay with me?
Visitors can stay with you for up to 14 calendar days in a year. 
Note:  Check your lease agreement with the owner to ensure they do not have a shorter timeframe for their requirements.
I want to move, what do I do?

If you would like to move and continue your assistance under the Section 8 Program, you must give your owner/landlord AND your Case Manager a written 30-day notice PRIOR to vacating the unit.  These notices must be delivered to the owner/landlord and your Case Manager BEFORE the first of the month.

NOTE: You cannot move until your current lease allows you to do so.  If you are currently in a one-year lease agreement, your owner/landlord must agree to terminate your existing lease and contract.  This agreement must be submitted to your Case Manager in writing.

You must be in good standing with the agency in order to be approved for relocation.  You will not be approved for relocation while your file is under investigation for a Program violation that is grounds for termination from the program.

If I tell FIP (Department of Human Services) about my changes, do they tell DMMHA?
NO!  The Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency is NOT connected with the Department of Human Services (FIP) or any other Agency.  All changes MUST be reported to your Case Manager at the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency.
What is my portion of the rent?
Your Case Manager will be able to calculate your portion of the rent after your inspection has passed.  You are required to pay at least 30% of your income for rent.  When you enter the program you will pay at least 30% of your income for rent, but no more than 40% of your income for rent when you enter the program or relocate to another unit.  AS YOUR INCOME CHANGES, YOUR PORTION OF THE RENT WILL CHANGE.
What if I can't make it to my appointment?
Call your Case Manager BEFORE your appointment date to reschedule.  Remember that it is a Family Obligation to attend all scheduled appointments with the Des Moines Municipal Housing Agency staff.
Do I have to have an appointment to see my Case Manager or their supervisor?
YES!  In an effort to serve you better, the Section 8 staff sees clients and owners/landlords by appointment only.
How often will my unit be inspected?
At least once per year.  Possibly more if your unit is selected in the Quality Control Inspection process.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program