Request Maps or GIS Data

Request Maps

The City of Des Moines strives to make maps and geographic data widely available for the general good of the community while protecting confidential information and respecting the privacy of individuals to the extent provided under the Iowa Open Records Law.

Visit our Map Center to find interactive maps, maps for downloading and printing, and links to other mapping resources. We also offer GIS data for download through our GIS Get Data Site.

We do not print paper maps in bulk for distribution, and we charge for the reproduction of paper maps based on time, materials, and shipping costs. While we do not endorse particular map makers or retailers, you may find inexpensive Des Moines street maps at local businesses such as gas stations and bookstores or through online retailers.

If the maps or data you need are not available through any of these sources, please email us with your request. We will fulfill your request if possible and inform you of any fees that may apply.