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Zoom Meeting Instructions

We are currently holding City Council and Board and Commission meetings remotely using Zoom Meetings.  Here are instructions for using Zoom to participate in these meetings from your pc, mobile device, or by phone only.

Join a Zoom meeting on your pc or mobile device

  1. Locate the agenda for the meeting on the city website:
  2. Click on the meeting link located on the meeting invitation/agenda
  3. If you have a question, you can raise your hand by
    • PC – Clicking “Participants”, then click “Raise Hand”
    • Mobile Device – Tap “Raise Hand”

Join a Zoom meeting by phone only

  1. Locate the agenda or the meeting on the city website:
    1. City Council
    2. Other Boards and Commissions
  2. Dial the phone number (located on the meeting invitation/agenda)
  3. Enter the meeting ID (located on the meeting invitation/agenda)
  4. Enter the meeting Password located on the meeting invitation/agenda
  5. If the meeting has not already started press # to wait for the meeting to start
  6. If you have a question enter *9 to raise your hand

How to view live closed captioning

To view our live closed captioning during a City Council meeting, either click the "Closed Caption" button on Zoom's desktop client, or edit your Meeting settings on your Android or iOS device. View Zoom's support documentation.

How to view the meeting on YouTube

To view a current meeting or watch a previous meeting, visit the City's DMTV YouTube channel.