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Legal Assignments by City Department

Legal representative assigned to the city department.

City Clerk

City Council
Jeffrey D. Lester

Community Development
Administrative - Larry McDowell and Glenna K. Frank
Code Enforcement -
Federally Funded Programs (DCBG, CSBG, LIHEAP, SHP, SSBG, Weed & Seed) - Glenna K. Frank

General - Kathy Vanderpool
Property  Acquisition and Eminent Domain - Lisa A. Wieland

Ann DiDonato

Fire (Includes Hazardous Materials Response)
Kathy Vanderpool
Ann DiDonato

Housing Services, Department of Public Housing
Glenna K. Frank

Human Resources
Carol J. Moser

Human Rights
Douglas Philiph

Information Technology
Ann DiDonato

Ann DiDonato

Park and Recreation
Ann DiDonato

Douglas Philiph

Public Works
Kathy Vanderpool
Ann DiDonato