Additional Neighborhood Inspection Duties

Illegal Dumping
The enforcement of illegal dumping.

Illegal Multiples and Duplexes
The discovery and enforcement of illegal multiples and duplexes. Units that do not have housing certificates and have not been inspected. Complaints are taken from the public.

Illegal Parking in Front Yards
Inspectors are charged with the responsibility of issuing tickets for these violations.

Interior Unsanitary Conditions
On occasion the Neighborhood Inspections Division receives a complaint regarding unsanitary conditions within a dwelling. The conditions within the dwelling must be of such a nature that they are creating an imminent health hazard for the neighboring properties. The manner in which these are handled are on a case by case basis and often involve resources from other community agencies.

Noise Ordinance Enforcement
Inspectors will address commercial and industrial noise issues if they create an adverse impact on neighboring residential properties.

Pest Control
The elimination of rats.

Septic System and Sewer Line Complaints
Failed septic systems or broken sewer lines are considered a health hazard because raw sewage either backs up inside a property or onto the ground. The Neighborhood Inspection Division responds to complaints, and works with the property owner to come to a reasonable remedy for the issue.

Voluntary Impounds
The City provides a service for residents who have vehicles on their private property that they want disposed.