Junk and Debris

Any belongings or junk, not for outside use, should be stored inside a building.  A tent, tarp, metal car port is not a building. A tarp is not a garage or shed door.

Vehicles stored on a property must start, move, be legal to drive on the street, not be missing major parts and have current tags on the plates.

If someone tells us there are junk, debris or illegally stored vehicles on a property we will do an inspection.  If we get a complain we will inspect other properties in the area.

If we find a violation here are the steps a case will take:

-        A notice is sent to the owner of the property. if you are a tenant the cleanup notice goes to your landlord.

-        The owner of the property may request to speak to a hearing officer,

-        The hearing officer can order the city to clean up the property, give the owner more time or tell the city there is no violation.

-        If the hearing officer says the city may clean the property

  • or the owner does not file an appeal the city will clean the property.

-        The owner will be billed the for how much it cost for the clean up

  • It will include the cost of the cleanup, other fees and for a police officer to be at the cleanup.

-        The owner of the property may request to speak to a hearing officer.

-        The hearing officer may waive fees or decide it all needs to be paid.

-        If the bill is not paid the city can add the bill to the taxes due on the property.

To contact us with a question or complaint:

Neighborhood Services Department
Neighborhood Inspection Division
602 Robert D Ray Drive
Des Moines IA 50309
Phone: (515) 283-4046