Mosquito Control

Use myDSMmobile or contact the Mosquito Hotline at 515-248-6099 during regular business hours to:
  • Report Standing water
  • Request that your neighborhood be sprayed
  • To be added to the spray "shut-off" list

If you have bees, please note in your request that you have hives on your property and register your hives with the State of Iowa.

Please help in our effort to control mosquito outbreaks by emptying any containers that hold standing water.  You are encouraged to spray or fog your yard and use bug spray when outside.

Mosquito Spray Progress

The City of Des Moines is currently  monitoring counts in their traps. Once thresholds are met we will begin the night spray program. Day Vector control helpers are treating over 400 hundred sites with larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from hatching. Also a helicopter drop is scheduled sometime this week to treat larger areas with larvicide.

Search for address, parcel or place in the search bar in the upper right portion of the map below:              

Disclaimer: The recipient acknowledges that the information provided in this map is approximate and may not be complete.
The City assumes no liability for its accuracy, and the recipient should consult the sources listed to verify the information represented. 
Sources: City of Des Moines Engineering and IT

Our Mosquito Control Program consists of:

  • Standing water complaint response
  • Aerial Application of Larvicide
  • Routine standing water inspection
  • Adult standing water inspection

When spraying is scheduled for residential neighborhoods, it will generally begin after 8:00 pm.

Encephalitis Monitoring Project
We will be operating our encephalitis monitoring project in conjunction with Iowa State University.   This project involves the trapping, and identifying, of adult mosquito populations throughout the summer in an effort to provide an early warning to the general public during times of an increased potential for disease transmission through mosquito bites.

For additional information regarding West Nile Virus, other forms of encephalitis, and personal measures that you may take to reduce your risk of contracting illness associated with mosquito bites, please visit the CDC West Nile Virus Q & A web page.

For additional information regarding the city’s mosquito control program or product information, phone 283-4197 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.