Zoning Enforcement

When you need help with zoning verification, information about home businesses, sign permitting, sound permitting information about the zoning regulations for the City, zoning compliance inspections, or complaints of illegal uses of land or illegal signs, you'll find what you need on the Zoning Enforcement page.

The Zoning Enforcement Division has three primary responsibilities:

  • Interpretation of the City Zoning Ordinance regulations in Chapter 134 of the Municipal Code
  • Enforcement of compliance of development and land use activity with regulations in the Municipal Code: Zoning (Chapter 134), Planning and Design (Chapter 135), Transient Merchants/Mobile Vendors (Chapter 78 Articles III & IV), and Noise Control (Chapter 42 Article IV) among others
  • Permitting for signs, outdoor amplified sound, and fences

Complaints about illegal business activity use of property, signs, and nuisance noise may be brought to the attention of Zoning Enforcement by email at dz@dmgov.org or by calling (515)-283-4207

We Can Help With

  • Applications for Temporary Uses or Home Occupations
  • Sign Permits
  • Sound Permits
  • Permitted land use and other zoning questions
  • Zoning verification letters

List of Duties

  • Inspection of fences (either newly permitted or found in disrepair)
  • Inspection of issuance of business licenses and renewals for liquor and cigarette sales
  • Home occupation reviews
  • Illegal business or other use occupancy complaints
  • Illegal sign and fence complaints
  • Illegal transient merchant/mobile vendor complaints
  • Final zoning compliance inspection of development for commercial and residential sites
  • Noise complaints
  • Planned Unit Development house permit reviews


Zoning Enforcement Division
Argonne Armory - Basement Floor
602 Robert D Ray Drive
Des Moines, IA 50309

For complaints regarding rental housing or illegal dumping of junk and debris reference the Neighborhood Inspections Division in the Neighborhood Services Department. You can email nid@dmgov.org or call (515)-283-4046.

For help with building permitting please reference the Permit and Development Center in the Development Services Department. You can email permits@dmgov.org or call (515)-283-4200.

For general inquiries about amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, site development review under the Planning & Design Ordinance, and subdivision platting review please reference the Planning & Urban Design Division in the Development Services Department. You can email planning@dmgov.org or call (515)-283-4192.

For inquiries on items for consideration on the agenda for the Plan & Zoning Commission, you can email planzoningcommission@dmgov.org or call (515)-283-4192.

For general inquiries regarding requirements in Local Historic Districts, or items for consideration by the Historic Preservation Commission, you can email planning@dmgov.org or call (515)-283-4192.