Ordinances and Rules

Parks and Recreation ordinances are part of the City of Des Moines Municipal Code.  Read our ordinances online and understand how they impact your use of the city’s parks and trails. 

Chapter 34 – Cemeteries
Chapter 34 governs the operation and use of the city’s seven municipal cemeteries including:
  • Glendale Cemetery
  • Woodland Cemetery
  • Laurel Hill Cemetery
  • St. Ambrose Cemetery
  • Sims Cemetery
  • Elm Grove Cemetery
  • Oak Grove Cemetery
You will find more information about each cemetery in our Parks Directory.

 Chapter 74 – Parks and Recreation
Chapter 74 governs the use and operations of the park and trail system, including hours of operation, fees for activities and programs and allowed uses within parks.

Chapter 130 – Waterways
Chapter 130 governs the use on and along the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers, including Birdland Marina, boat ramps and recreational activities like boating and fishing.  

Parks and Recreation Rules
(PDF version)