Bridge Lighting Permits

Lighting of bridges promotes the City, its civic institutions, state and federal holidays, and other public events of community significance. Des Moines Parks and Recreation is accepting community requests for special lighting to recognize a specific cause or to commemorate or enhance a specific event consistent with this purpose. The following features are equipped with multi-color L.E.D. lights to illuminate.

  • Chris and Marcie Coleman Bridge: The Chris and Marcie Coleman Bridge crosses the Raccoon River connecting Gray’s Lake Park to Gray’s Station development.
  • The Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge: The Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge links the east and west sides of Des Moines at the northern edge of the Principal Riverwalk Trail loop. 
Submit your application at least 30 days before your event by submitting a permit online. 


  1. Click Apply above or visit the Facility Reservation Page
  2. Check availability of location (i.e. bridge), date, and time for your event.
  3. If available, takes steps to reserve by providing contact information and details of event.
  4. Please note: Event Type is 9. Lighting of Bridges/Tunnels
  5. Submit the permit request and pay the total amount.
  6. Staff will review the permit and provide resources needed to fulfill permit.
  7. Once all items are collected, permit will be approved.
  • Requests will be evaluated based on factors including: nature of cause/event; history and background of organization, cause/event; how the lighting will benefit the cause/event; the relationship of the lighting to the cause/event; and relevance to the City of Des Moines.
  • Des Moines Parks and Recreation may override any existing and confirmed illuminations in support of citywide, national or world emergency observances, and will work with requestors to best accommodate or reschedule the original request.
  • No organization may have the light configurations for more than three (3) consecutive days. The length of time for each approved request is entirely at the discretion of Des Moines Parks and Recreation.
  • Des Moines Parks and Recreation endeavors to accommodate as many requests as possible, and requests are typically handled on a first come, first served basis. Priority in choosing colors for illuminations will be given to promoting events that celebrate the City, its civic institutions, local universities, City-recognized holidays, public events and festivals.