Cemetery Sales

CemeterySalesTraditional Burial Options
  • Single Spaces allowing flat stones
  • Single Spaces allowing upright stones
  • Companion spaces allowing flat stones
  • Companion spaces allowing upright stones and planting
  • Companion spaces allowing upright stones but no planting
  • Infant spaces
  • Three spaced spaces allowing upright stones and planting
Cremation Burial Options
  • Single cremation spaces
  • Burial on existing grave space
  • Columbaria/niche towers
  • Wildflower scattering garden
  • Cremation bench
Burial Costs
  • Prices range; please call 515-248-6320 or email cem@dmgov.org for a quote.
Burial Arrangements
  • Tours of lots for sale are available by appointment. Contact the Sales Office at 515-248-6320 to arrange a time to see spaces available for purchase.
Right of Interment
  • All lot owners will receive a deed within 4-8 weeks from date of purchase.
  • Right of Interment transfers only allowed with permission.  A transfer fee exists.
  • To bury another individual in their space for no additional cost, deed owners may complete a Grave Opening Application. Applications are available at the Glendale office. 
  • Refunds: Deed owners can sell their lots back to the City, less the Perpetual Care amount.   
Floral Arrangements
  • There is no charge to place floral arrangements for a service.
  • Artificial floral arrangements are available in the office for purchase.
  • A $10 fee will be charged for non-service floral placements.
Historical Research
  • Service requests completed on a case-by-case basis. Contact cem@dmgov.org to learn more.