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Birdland Park and Marina Master Plan

The development of the proposed Birdland Park and Marina Master Plan was a community and stakeholder-driven effort which leveraged input from an estimated 200+ attendees across three public meetings and 350+ follow-up survey responses. The project Advisory Committee which provided additional direction to the consulting team led by SmithGroup included 23 individuals representing 18 unique interest groups, thus representing a broad cross-section of the community. Once complete and adopted, the full master plan document will be made available on this webpage. More Info

Chesterfield Park Masterplan Improvements

Chesterfield Park Masterplan Improvements is a 1.5million dollar improvement plan to Chesterfield Park. The improvements will include but are not limited to, a splash pad, playground, unprogrammed open lawn space, a walking loop, an open-air shelter, restroom renovations, a basketball court, permanent table tennis, and a futsal court. More Info
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Cohen Park

The work and investment occurring at Cohen Park is part of the City of Des Moines' ongoing flood control and park improvement efforts. 

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Des Moines Trails: E911 Signage and Trail Identities

The Parks and Recreation Department is partnering up with the Friends of Des Moines Parks and Project 7, a graphic design company, to develop and upgrade the E911 signage for the City of Des Moines Trail System. Over the past 2 and a half years this project has been in development to help with the current issues the City's E911 signage has. The new signage will provide day-to-day use information like the name of the trail, mile marker, and city jurisdiction while retaining vital information for emergency situations like the USNG(United States National Grid) number. This helps 1st responders quickly respond to emergency situations on the trail system. More Info
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Drake Shelter Renovation

The historic WPA-era shelter in Drake Park is currently under renovation to become a four-season enclosed rental shelter.  The shelter, originally constructed in 1934 -35 was the changing house to the former wading pool.  The structure housed the men's and women's locker rooms and the pool attendant equipment room.  The shelter was modified in the 1980s to more modern restrooms and converted to an open-air shelter.  This renovation project will include a small addition to the west of the structure that will move the men's and women's restrooms and a single unisex restroom out of the footprint of the original structure making way for seating for 45 people.  The renovated shelter will be fully enclosed, heated, and cooled for year-round rentals. More Info

MacRae Hillside Stabilization

On the north side of MacRae Park,  the slope under the EMC OVerlook down to Thomas Beck Road was damaged by a landslide.  The landslide has become increasingly more severe over the past year and has put the support footing of the EMC Overlook at risk.  The project will construct new retaining walls and drainage improvements to stabilize the slope. More Info

MacRae Park

The MacRae Park Phase 3 Improvements will culminate the Parks and Recreation Department's four years and $2.75 million dollar initiative to renovate MacRae Park. Once completed the park will serve as the gateway to the southwest ninth corridor.

Phase 3 improvements include approximately a half-mile of new trail construction, a pedestrian bridge, a boardwalk over the pond, fishing improvements, an open-air shelter, a custom nature playscape, and a half-mile of park road reconstruction with storm sewer and parking improvements. The project is planned for 2021 and 2022 construction. Phase 3 is estimated to cost $3.1 million dollars.

If you would like to make a contribution towards the improvements to MacRae Park, visit the Friends of Des Moines Park s page and click the donate button.

Read the latest news about MacRae Park Phase 3 Improvements

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North Side Community Recreation Center

The City of Des Moines invites your participation in a series of community meetings designed to gather input as we embark upon the first phase of planning for the new North Side Community Recreation Center. More Info
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Riverview Park

Riverview is a three-phase Park renovation project that began in 2014 with a public-private partnership between the City of Des Moines and the Parks Area Foundation. The project is currently on the third of three phases and is due to open Spring of 2021. More Info
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Weeks Middle School Park

Weeks Middle School Park is a new park on the campus of Weeks Middle School.  The project is the result of a partnership between the Parks and Recreation Department and the Des Moines Independent School District. More Info