Chief of Police

Chief of Police
chief of police

Chief of Police,
Dana Wingert

Thank you for visiting the Des Moines Police Department website.  This site has been created to allow the residents and business owners to easily access information on the organization of The Des Moines Police Department, as well as crime statistics, police programs, and other information that may be useful.  I hope you find the website valuable.
The Des Moines Police Department was created in 1869.  When it was formed, the capitol city of Iowa was comprised of approximately 12,000 residents.  Today, the Des Moines Police Department serves a population of 215,472 (2016). As the largest police department in the state of Iowa, our 359 sworn officers and 104 civilian support staff are dedicated to providing professional, efficient police service to those living in and visiting our award winning city.

The Des Moines Police Department has a strong community policing program, recognizing that our citizens are full partners in addressing issues that affect their quality of life.  We work closely with our citizens to set priorities for police and local government response and then collaborate on problem measures. Our commitment to community betterment, for the good of all, is a top priority. 

Our department has received several national and state awards for its work in civil rights, domestic violence, child abuse investigation and executive leadership.  My executive staff and I do our best to create an environment that fosters excellent performance by our many talented employees.  I am proud of the work the men and women of this department do for the citizens of this community, and I am honored to serve as their chief of police.