Report-It Property Protection

RegisterReportIt is a free, proactive tool that allows Des Moines residents to easily catalog information about their valuable items.

Registering items in ReportIt allows residents to provide valuable information, including serial numbers, item descriptions and images, to law enforcement in the case that they happen to be the victim of a property crime.

This information could mean the difference between recovering stolen property or losing it forever.

Why should I use ReportIt?

When it comes to protecting your valuable items, you can never be too careful.

If you do happen to be the victim of a property crime, you will need to be able to provide the information to both law enforcement and your insurance company.

Registering items in ReportIt greatly facilitates this reporting process and provides law enforcement with crucial information that helps them recover your stolen property.

What types of items can I register?

Des Moines residents can register anything that they deem to be of value. This may include, but is not limited to: collectibles, jewelry, electronics, operating equipment, and designer clothing.

How do I register my items?

To register items, visit Registration is a hassle free process that only requires two components: description and categorization. You are also allowed to include serial numbers, date of purchase and photos.

How many items can I register ?

Each Des Moines resident is allowed to register up to 100 different items. If you need additional storage, contact the ReportIt staff at

Is the DMPD able to view my item entries?

No. Your personal information is only viewable using your personal username and password. However, in the case that your property goes missing, you will be able to access the information and give it to your detective.


If you have any further questions about ReportIt, contact the ReportIt staff at or the DMPD’s Crimes Against Property Section at 515-283-4865.